No Roof Required, This Startup is Giving Everyone Access to Solar Savings

If you’re one of the 80% of Americans who can’t get rooftop solar because you live in an apartment or have a roof angled the wrong way, this company is offering an intriguing
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Fresh Ingredients and Recipes Delivered To Your Door

Welcome to 2014. Forget over-buying ingredients at the grocery store that go to waste, or running out of dinner ideas. Plated turns you into a streamlined gourmet chef on a weekly basis. Plated
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Clean Up All Your Kid’s Toys in One Swoop With the Lay-n-Go

Forget having to clean up each lego one by one day after day, when you can just do it all at once with the Lay-n-Go. Sometimes the most useful inventions are quite simple. The Lay-n-Go is simply
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The Aquapac Stormproof Messenger Bag

If you live in a stormy area and have to carry a laptop, iPad, or important documents back and forth from work everyday, the Aquapac stormproof messenger back certainly is a solution to keeping
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The Multi Tool iPhone Case Makes Your iPhone More Useful

It would be really hard to justify also carrying around a pocket knife when instead you can just have this multi tool iPhone case hugging your phone. The IN1 multi tool utility case is locked and
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The Grillbot Will Clean Your Grill For You

If the Roomba was step one in household cleaning robots, the Grillbot is step two. The Grillbot eliminates ever having to scrape off the old bbq crust, in an automated fashion. It is packed with
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Hide Your House Keys Safely with a Mini Rock Safe

Hiding your key under a doormat or a rock right by the door, isn’t exactly the most criminal proof idea. But, if that rock has a miniature safe in it… the criminal isn’t likely
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Cool Your Beers Faster with the Portable Spin Chill

The Spin Chill is an interesting and effective new way to cool your beer faster than letting it sit there. How it works is it attaches to the top of your beer and spins it at a rapid pace giving
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Calorie Counting Wine Glass

You may not actually want to know how many liquid calories your sucking down, but for those on the honest diet who enjoy their vino every now and then, this calorie counting wine glass may be the
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Swingbyte Golf Data Tracker

Anyone can give subjective feedback on a golf swing, but only the Swingbyte will give you absolute exact real-time data on what you are objectively doing wrong.  The Swingbyte helps you bring
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The Lay Down Laptop Stand for Those Who Work in Bed

Why must you sit up in bed and type, when you can lay flat on your back and type away.  Although you may fall asleep while doing so, sometimes your back needs a break from slouching over your
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the action advisor

One Stop Shop for Action Sports Gear Recommendations and Reviews

Having trouble finding the right board or equipment for your next adventure? There’s not much information out there catered to the needs of specific individual skills levels, styles, and
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tool light attachment, led light attachment, screwdriver light attachment

A Universal LED Tool Attachment For Lighting Up Small Dark Corners

Forget having to find someone to hold the flashlight while you are trying to squeeze your arm in small gaps behind your washer machine or in your car engine.  This universal LED tool attachment
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water pressure shower featured

Portable Water Pressure Shower

When you’re surfing or camping in that remote place with no available facilities, there’s not too many ways to rinse off.  This portable water pressured-powered shower by Helio solves
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Stayhold Trunk Holder

Unless you want to get an entire grocery bag divider that takes up your entire trunk, the Stayhold has the answer for keep groceries and delicate items from flying around your trunk.  Invented in
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photoshop_keyboard, photoshop hotkey key cover

Photoshop Keyboard Cover

As an upcoming Photoshop ninja, looking up the hot keys over and over again can waste quite a bit of time.  Why not let it come naturally as it did when you were learning how to type.  This
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nail holder wristband

Magnogrip Magnetic Wristband

When you are doing hard manual work, whether it be construction or auto repair, there is no reason not to make life a little easier.  The Magnogrip is a magnetic wristband that does just that. 
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cord holding shirt button, button headphone cord holder, headphone cord holding button

Cord Holding Button

No one thoroughly enjoys having their headphones dangle and wag while they are walking and listening to music.  This 3D printed “Button 2.0” brings innovation to one of the most basic
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usb split picture

USB Home and Work Split Stick

Sometimes it’s good to leave work at the office, but also who wants to keep track of multiple USB’s? With the Split Stick USB Drive by Quirky, there is a simple split in the 8
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Bumper Guard License Plate Frame

Have to parallel park on a daily basis?  No reason to inevitably get your bumper destroyed on a residual basis.  The Bumpshox 3.0 is made of a strong foam rubber that extends out 1.75 inches
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Wello: Live Personal Trainers

Welcome to the 21st century. Now you don’t have to leave your living room and you can still get a professional trainer to get your butt in shape. All thanks to Wello, an innovative online
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wind meter app, vaavud wind meter app, wind measurement app

Vaavud Wind Meter App

Kite surfer? Kite flyer? Golfer? Sniper? There are quite a few sports, activities and jobs that the wind plays a huge role in everyday.  That is where Vaavud comes in.  With one attachment and a
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treadmill walkstation, treadmill walkstation desk, walking treadmill desk

Treadmill Walkstation Desk

You’re busy, there is no changing that.  But you can drastically improve your life by exercising all day while you work.  Or continue to eat your desk snacks all day and slouch in your
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Bathroom Mirror Fog Wiper

Don’t smudge with your towel or wait while your hair dryer makes a little gap in the fog, just wipe it away!  This little tool will make every morning that much easier.
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