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How People Everywhere are Eliminating Their Impact for a Couple Bucks


You may not know this, but producing electricity for the average household in the U.S. each year requires burning 8,079 pounds of coal, and using 5,000 gallons of water. That’s all just for your home.

But now you have a choice.

Arcadia Power enables you to power your home, apartment, or business with 100% clean energy in just 5 minutes, eliminating your environmental impact.

When you make the switch, your utility will still continue to deliver electricity through the same power lines, but Arcadia Power will ensure that 100% of your usage is covered by clean wind power. No panels or equipment needed, and you’ll experience the same reliability you’re used to. Just sign up for an account online, and Arcadia Power gets to work for you by linking up with your current local utility.

It’s that simple.

Arcadia Power’s mission is to provide everyone with access to clean energy, even if your local utility refuses to stop fracking or burning coal. With customers in all 50 states, Arcadia Power gives you the ability to eliminate your impact, support your values, and even get rewarded by sustainable companies for doing so. You can be a part of something big, you can make a difference. Check them out today.