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Cool Your Beers Faster with the Portable Spin Chill

spinchill, spin chill beer cooler

The Spin Chill is an interesting and effective new way to cool your beer faster than letting it sit there. How it works is it attaches to the top of your beer and spins it at a rapid pace giving the can more exposure to the ice as well as utilizing convection, which basically moves the warm beer that would usually sit in the center, to the outside of the can to get cooled. They claim it cools the beer 20 times faster than just letting it sit there on top of ice and it takes only under a minute. That’s pretty cool.

Now you’re probably thinking, won’t it just explode when I open it? And thankfully not. Beers explode when shaken from top to bottom as that is what shakes up the carbonation, but when it is spun from the circumference, it simply swirls it a bit in place. The next time you have an outdoor BBQ or go camping, the Spin Chill could be the way to go instead of sitting around waiting for a beer to warm on its own.