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The Virtual Phone System Every Entrepreneur Should Use

How you handle your phone calls should be one of your first priorities as an entrepreneur. It is potentially the primary interaction a customer or partner has with your business, and if it sucks, your new customers aren’t going to trust you, and your current ones may leave.

Good news. Amateur hour has never been so easily avoidable with a virtual phone system – and Grasshopper takes it to the next level for a no-brainer price whether you are a one-person show or a 50 person company.

They have taken the concept of a traditional call center, extracted the most important features and made it readily available online to anyone. You simply create your account, pick your number, set your voicemail, if you have departments or employees set those up, and then you are live. Your virtual call center is up and running in a few minutes.

You don’t even need to buy a landline! You can have an entire, professional phone operation right from your cell phone – without having to put your personal number out there to the public.

Features that we love:

Voicemails: have them forwarded to your phone, dashboard or even transcribed and emailed to you.
Caller ID: know who is calling you before you answer.
Menu Directory: have extensions in your welcome menu for for sales, current customers, etc.
Dashboard: track stats on all of your calls to really nail down what is working and what isn’t.
Number selection: you can choose from a Toll Free or local number.
Vanity numbers: setup different numbers that forward to your main one to track the performance of different marketing campaigns (put one on Google search ads and different on Facebook ads to see which brings in more customers).
The price: it’s as low as $12/mo. Don’t hesitate to call your local landline conglomerate and see how many hundreds more it will cost you.

Now you may have looked at alternatives such as Google Voice… but have you ever called a Google Voice number and heard “now Google Voice will connect you”… the first thing I think is “great I’m calling a guy sitting around in his apartment who was too cheap to get a landline”. Why create a poor first impression when it’s absolutely unnecessary.

There just simply is not another alternative out there that has the features for the price. If you’re looking to do it right without breaking the bank, sign up for Grasshopper and in the next 10 minutes your business will have undergone a significant upgrade.