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This Online Energy Company Just Gave Everyone Access to Clean, Renewable Energy

We’ve all got electricity bills right? Well there are three frustrations of mine when it comes to my energy bill:

1. I can barely understand it.
2. I have to remember to pay it.
3. I know it goes directly towards feeding my utility’s addiction to fossil fuels.
(I just looked it up, wind and solar is less than 6% – the rest, not great.)

This is why I was happy to discover Arcadia Power.

Arcadia Power is an online energy company that gives anyone who pays a utility bill the option to choose clean energy from wind farms across the US. And it takes just a minute to sign on your home or apartment.

You keep your same local utility company and Arcadia ensures your electricity usage is replenished with clean, renewable energy on your behalf – dramatically reducing your impact.

The best part: it is all at no extra cost. Zip. Nada.

Here’s how it works

1. Sign up online and connect your current local utility account. This took me about 1 minute.

2. For every kWh of energy you use with your local utility, they will replenish it by purchasing renewable energy from wind farms on your behalf.

3. You get one clean, simple to understand statement from Arcadia Power that your utility bill will be paid on time, ways you can save next month, and the positive environmental impact you had that month.

You don’t have to cancel your current utility account and still have access to it, there are no commitments – it is all a free month-to-month service that you can start or stop anytime, and once again no extra cost.

Better for the planet, better for you, and free.

Additionally, you can compare your energy usage to others on your personalized dashboard, take advantage of insights and energy-savings programs to help you lower your bills, and get rewarded with member discounts to awesome companies that they have partnered with.

They also have energy concierge reps who will actually answer your calls, so you don’t have to deal with waiting on hold for 2 hours with your utility company if you have a simple question about your bill. Never again.

About Arcadia Power

Arcadia is a Benefit Corporation, or B Corp, which means they are certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. They’re also endorsed by huge environmental organizations like the Sierra Club. Thousands of people have joined them from all 50 states.

It was about time the utility industry got an update.

Update: They are offering 4 free energy-saving LED light bulbs to anyone who signs up by January 31st, 2017. You can sign up here.

Written by Andrew Lofland. Andrew loves finding innovative products that make life better for ourselves and the people around us.

  • Banjolina Violetta

    I”m free from residential utilities at the moment but this sounds very interesting for when i become a resident again in a few months. As I venture into a new way to earn a living wage (hopefully) I’ve decided it’s best to let go of rent & utility payments for a few months in order to afford the needed non paid training. The grid system is keeping us as hostage. Whatever happened to public utilities? Public Service Commission always seems to side with the energy industry on rate increases while the energy corps rake in billions….we pay for their infrastructure upgrades and repairs by incessantly increasing costs. My Florida Power bill for electricity increased $100 from Summer of 2015 to Summer of 2016. Why? They asked for it, it was approved. Are they implementing changes that would make this increase in costs to consumers a benefit to consumers? Doubtful. Let’s take a look at this offering by Arcadia. What is the downside, if anything?

  • Jessica Erin Larcy Abrams

    just purchase a micro renewable energy system and you own your own power. apr is next to 0% and you are helping create a max green job economy using domestic equipment

    • Nicole Maron

      Would love to , but I’m a renter, so that’s not an option. The Arcadia solution sounds like what I’ve been hoping for – renewable energy that renters can finally participate in.

  • Siri-ously Sema

    does anyone answer questions? I just want to know the fee per KW. I’m a low wage earner so economics play a big role so I need a comparison before I switch. ty

    • NeverDoubt Courage

      It’s not a switch. According to the article, you will pay your current utility company for whatever amount you usually pay then Arcadia will replenish the usage to your utility co with clean energy purchased for you – no extra cost. (#2 under the How It Works section)

  • D Finch

    I still don’t get it. I pay my utility company. They pull energy, most likely from a coal plant somewhere. Unless this is just a math juggling act with renewable energy credits, I don’t see how Arcadia connects my house to wind turbines. ?!?!

    • mgk1177

      I’m with you, I don’t get it either…the explanation they’ve given doesn’t help. It sounds like I’m still using the energy from my energy company & not actually using the clean energy from the wind farm.

      • Carl White

        Yeah, it required a little thought on my part too. It sounds like the windfarm bit is mostly puff and smoke. Virtue signaling.

        BUT, they do provide resources for shrinking your power usage, and thus truly reducing your footprint. The windfarm stuff would be considered “offsetting” your footprint, which is a thing, if a dubious concept.

    • ashley

      This is my understanding: It isn’t that they pull the wind energy to power your home specifically. You use the same amount of energy from the same coal plant you always use, but for every coal plant kWh you use, your utility company will buy wind energy to use to offset your use (on a one coal energy kWh to one wind energy kWh basis). Your utility company may be using the wind energy 4 hours away from you for a house or business in another town close to a wind farm, but your utility co. wouldn’t be purchasing the wind energy used if you hadn’t signed up. That wind energy exchange means that your current energy company will use less coal energy because they now have wind energy to use. Your usage and bill will not change, but your overall carbon footprint will be offset by wind energy somewhere else.

  • Dylan

    I just went to the site and depending on where you live and what power company you use the price changes from free to > .. Or or guess you could not even be eligible.. My area said I would be charged 1.5 cents for every kWh I used but that money would be used to buy the power equivalent to my usage from a renewable energy source for someone somewhere to use. Correct me if wrong but i think that is what it meant ..

  • Kayla Rowsey

    i got this video from chatting with the help desk on their website https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_12VYXms6-c