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Tile Lost and Found App

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Tile brings the average person a no-brainer solution to forgetting pretty much anything anywhere.  Companies have tried this in the past, but from Tile’s demonstration video, they seem to be one of the few that have done it right.  All you have to do is attach the tile square to a key chain or drop it in a bag, and bam, you can pick up the signal from the Tile app.  Not only does it display the location on Google Maps (just in case you drank a bit too much and left it at your local bar), but it has a closer proximity option for when you simply lost something in your house, which basically works like the ‘hotter or colder’ game with a signal in it’s app.  The only unfortunate thing about this, is it is only available for pre-order, but if you are anxious enough, check it out here.

tile sensor on a bag, lost and found tile, tile on a bag

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Availabe for pre-order on their website now.